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Nook vs Kindle

A Comparison of the Nook vs Kindle

This article discusses the original versions of the Nook and Kindle e-readers and as such, the Nook vs Kindle debate is framed upon these particular devices. These are the Keyboard and Touch editions of the Kindle and the black-and-white Touch version of the Nook, as these were the first of each e-reader to be released. These original devices contain the most basic features upon which newer versions of the Nook and Kindle were built.

In terms of actual reading, the reason that Amazon\’s device was so innovative was because it did not have an LCD screen. Instead, it uses \”E-Ink\” technology. The device contains actual ink particles that are constantly rearranged to create words and pictures that the user sees on the screen.

According to scientific studies, LCD screens can affect the production of melatonin in the brain, which interferes with the ability to fall asleep. Also, this applies to televisions and computer screens as well; not just handheld electronic devices. This is a very popular advantage for Amazon\’s e-reader over Barnes and Noble\’s, which does use an LCD screen. Staring at an LCD screen for hours on end is also known to cause eye strain. This is not an issue with E-Ink devices like the Kindle.

Another important feature, one that is highly-desired by consumers, is Wi-Fi connectivity. Although both devices have it, the Barnes and Noble\’s e-reader lacks a proper web browser. This means that using the internet is much slower and more difficult than on Amazon\’s device. Because of the problems in the Nook\’s earlier generations, it has since been removed entirely, while Amazon\’s device has a fully-capable web browser.

The \”3G connectivity\” of Amazon\’s e-reader is another distinct internet-related advantage. It means that the device does not have to be within range of a Wi-Fi network, such as in a person\’s home or at an internet cafe; it will have Wi-Fi capability from nearly any location. Barnes and Noble\’s e-reader, on the contrary, is entirely lacking in 3G connectivity. Therefore, you can only use its browsing capabilities as part of a Wi-Fi network.

Amazon\’s other primary advantage against Barnes and Noble, one that has recently received a good deal of attention, is customer support. People all over the country have been frustrated with Barnes and Noble\’s lack of customer support and difficulty in communicating with them over the phone. What complicates the matter is the ongoing problems that the Nook has had, such as glitches and issues with connectivity. This has forced many customers to give up on the company altogether, which has also had an impact on the company\’s financial struggles.

Among major bookstore chains, Barnes and Noble is currently considered to be \”the last chain standing\”. A lot of people have blamed their struggles partially on overpriced books; customers around the country have claimed that they have stopped buying books from the company altogether because of the high prices. Some even claim they go to Barnes and Noble stores to find books they want, but then go home and buy them online for cheaper prices from other companies. Because of this trend, the company is currently fighting for its life, and may not survive much longer.

Amazon\’s e-reader, overall, seems to have many advantages over Barnes and Noble\’s. Also, their selection of e-books is cheaper (in general) boasting almost a million titles that are priced at ten dollars or less. They provide better internet connectivity and online customer support, the Kindle uses far less electricity, and only needs to be charged – on average – about once a month. In this ongoing debate of Nook vs Kindle, Amazon has significant edges; in customer support, finances, product durability, prices, and selection of e-books. Still, feel free to do your own homework on which device best meets your needs.

The Nook vs Kindle battle pits two worthy e-readers against each other in a limited field. You can see how their various features compare and learn about the available Kindle Backlight substitutes by visiting our website.

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In the showdown between the Nook and Kindle, this article will focus on the original generations of each e-reader. This applies to the Touch and black-and-white version of Barnes and Noble's Nook, and the Keyboard-and-Touch edition of the Kindle. These devices will be featured because they were the first editions to be released by their respective companies, and they contain the simplest features of each device. Now let's get to the main event: the Nook vs. Kindle debate.