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9 tips for couples who live together

Living together is a delight. Fact. The problem is that this statement does not hold for long without some entrenchments and todavias, or without much generosity and willingness. Today I remembered a few moments and decided to share nine skillful meansfor men and women to deepen the relationship and avoid fatigue. Some of them I have, others only imagined.

Marriage Day1. Make love with the routine

Instead of running away or avoid (sorry, but it is inevitable), make friends with the routine and eventually take it to bed. Waking up every day together, see the other get up as it always does, brushing teeth, walking around the house, open the same kitchen cabinets, take the same coffee, eating the same thing, give the same kind of kiss, embrace it, exchange the same words, do the same route, close the door in a way like yesterday, yesterday and last week … the output is not always change the routine, have breakfast in bed, preparing surprises, morning sex, give other hugs and kisses etc.. Is there a limit to the new. We take pleasure in usual, with the old, conventional. He is our true partner. It is he who is there every day, while the adventure leaves us the next day.

2. Explore an unusual place

The routine boring is capable of incorporating even updates. Every couple has a range of possible actions: his freedom set their own prison. When they wish to innovate, they will dine in an Indian restaurant (last month was a Mexican). Or the man always invites for shows – different, of course, but always shows. There is no problem with this, but sometimes it’s interesting to go beyond this process. For this purpose, together visit a place you never even imagined entering. For couples conservative may be a home swing. You need not follow the behavior of people, just feel happy to be there, observing and dating through what all. Remember that many passions begin when two people in the middle of a party, for example, feel full and so alien to come.

3. “Oh happy day!”

Given the impermanence of life, how to draw a permanent line to observe and smile for the oscillations of the couple? Furthermore, accessing this couple transcendental dying laughing with several couples who go through the house over time? I do not remember when it started, just know that every day (before leaving for work or evening) we took a picture of us as the couple “Oh happy day.” After a while, there were more than 50 images ours: embrace, looking up, kissing, smiling, bored, sleepy, dark circles, dirty, tidy, drunk, beautiful, clean, horrible. We were all of them, but there were none. First of all, we were the couple who beat the photos, not just those who had been captured. (A variation is to hold an A4 paper with writing the data in order to facilitate the assembly of a pair of calendar).

4. Week challenge

Very simple idea: 7 days, 7 tasks which he proposes to her, seven practices that it offers him, he rewards for 7, 7 rewards for it. At the end of each day, the rewards are exchanged if the tasks were performed. For it to ask him, leave some suggestions: “clean the whole house,” “note on a paper every time you feel pride, anger or laziness during the day”, “meditate for 30 minutes”, “send an SMS every hour to me, “” surprise visit from my mother. ” For he asks her, “clean the whole house” (hahhaha), “spend the day by contracting the pelvic muscles and training pompoarismo”, “write down on paper every time you feel anger, neediness, anxiety or fear,” “Take a cold shower” (must be inside the bathroom to make sure – and laugh, of course) … The rewards can be sexual or not. Pepper to taste of the couple.

5. Month of world cuisine

Prepare a gastronomic tour through the city (by the way, enjoy the Restaurant Week which runs until 31/8). Ideally, it is more of a restaurant a week and various cuisines: Arabic, Spanish, Indian, Egyptian, Mexican, Thai, Korean, French, Italian, German … The important thing is to mark it somehow, not only calling out a the other like a casual dinner. Decide one month and preferably repeated in the following year.

6. Take a course together

Many couples forget that one of the greatest pleasures in life is to build two worlds shared. Who is not aware of this is likely to end up living in a universe quite far from the world inhabited by the partner. To build worlds, nothing better than learning together. To enroll in that course you always postpone sommelier in the tango to imagine that only late in life or in meditation on which they have spoken.

7. Buy a purple lipstick

Oh, the purple lipstick! If you want to associate good memories with this simple object, do the following. The man can buy a lipstick and strong (purple or lilac, in honor of this blog that speaks to you) and leave the room with a note: “Use me whenever you are bursting with desire.” If a woman buys the ticket can be: “See this here? Keep well this color because it is in my mouth whenever I need is something that only you have. ” Then, amid any given night, she read it on the computer, she gets up, goes over-the lipstick and only appears in the room … Oh, the purple lipstick!

8. Compliment to

It seems a silly suggestion, but it is not. After years, the decrease compliments as if everything had already implied, as to the qualities of the other had already been exhaustively stated. Be sure to pronounce even the most obvious praise: “You look beautiful today.” If necessary, the turning laziness or blindness if the other does not contribute enough beauty, please lie or else find some detail luminous monstrosity in the middle of others: “I just love your neck.” Women know that a few accolades already make a strong and secure, just the way you love. When everything goes wrong, the worst you can do is criticize him – it weakens. Men, I need not say that women are more beautiful when praised, right?

9. Marry

Before living together, please marry. The move consolidates the furniture a wedding anyway, just admit it and overcome any aversion to such failed institution. She still moves the collective imagination: even more hipsters to couples, the statement “we are married” is quite different than “live together”. Also, living together without wedding party and honeymoon is like going to the beach, facing traffic to get to, being bitten by mosquitoes, pay dearly for the umbrella and do not enter the sea. You fall into the worst part of the marriage without taking advantage of the best. If you do not want to deal with papers and did not sympathize with any religion, only to conclude: call the nearest dance, to declare publicly to the music more beautiful and start a life together just after arriving from the airport.


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