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7 Things You To Improve Your Sex Life

The first thing you must learn to make better your sex life is:

Admitting that a good sex begins long before you and your spouse take the clothes. Those who imagine that making love is an isolated activity such as playing cards, masturbateor go to a movie are mistaken.


The sexual act can be summed up to some fairly simple techniques, but sex in a comprehensive manner, it is not. Whatever happens during a day, a month or a year between you and your spouse can affect sex life.Meditate on this and concludes that this statement is not true.

The way to deal with caresses your spouse, the delicacies on a daily basis, directly or indirectly contribute to the time for the sex is better and more intimate.

Think of your spouse as someone who needs your attention and affection all the time. So, you’re filling their needs for affection and love. Nobody wants to feel sexual object of another. Making love should not be summed up in just the right points caresses, as if the other person was a machine.It’s important moments of intimacy, warmth and non-sexual love, for sex to flow spontaneously.

The second important thing, namely to improve your sex life immediately is:

Begin to act to improve it, already! Sexual dissatisfaction produced by the routine only because the couple are expecting the other to do something to improve your sex life. Try to feel responsible for his own satisfaction improves it. This book is full of suggestions. Put them into practice immediately. Do not wait for tomorrow. Do not let the routine to install it and then complain. Do not be blaming your spouse if your sexual satisfaction is not full. Do not put it off their own initiative. Take full responsibility for you to act and act so that decide what to do. Leave for tomorrow may be too late.

 The third important thing to know is:

Try to express your feelings openly and honestly. The best way to do this is to call your spouse to a dialogue. Reserve a few hours just for the two and open your heart, say what you feel and allow your spouse to do the same. It is necessary that you allow your spouse knows you well and know what your needs are. Sometimes the pleasure is blocked just because you do not know what the other person wants or desires.

The dialog allows the exchange of important information. When you have to talk about sex with your spouse, do not make any kind of criticism. Speak only of the desires and needs. Dialogue is the basis of any human relationship. Try whenever possible to tell your spouse how much he loves and he plays in his life. Often reinforces these feelings and then find a refreshment in the sexual life of you.

The fourth thing to know is:

Do not take if sex too seriously. Many couples think that sex is something to be seen as a marital obligation. In fact it is not. You do not have any obligation to have sex with your spouse, nor he with you. You will love when they want to feel pleasure or give pleasure to each other. But in doing so, look how fun, happy and relaxed. Try to see sex as an adventure, a hobby.If sometimes is not good, do not despair, the world will not end so.

A fifth thing to note is:

Discover new pleasures through fantasy. All human beings tend to have sexual fantasies. Does your spouse knows you and vice versa? There are many books, magazines and Internet sites where they can be found much of the sexual fantasies experienced by couples. Sexual fantasies do not necessarily imply that you live imagining making love to a television actress or your next door neighbor. Or if you are female, you want to go to bed with a favorite actor or the mechanic on the corner. These fantasies are not healthy in terms of marriage and your spouse if you wish to accomplish them. Imagine what evil can do yourself or if your partner while making love to fantasize that she is with someone else. In fact the costumes are fantasy and not reality. There are others that may well be performed without the bonds of loyalty are broken or shaken. As far as possible, know your spouse’s fantasies and meet them, for him and the sex life.

The sixth course of action is:

Respect your spouse. Respect means being able to accept his or her limitations. Respect is to give attention to other’s feelings. Support is needed at times. It is the minimum value attitudes. It is complete trust. It is demonstrated through gestures, words and actions how much the person next to you, deserve your love. Respect and love

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