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50 Tips for men to Look Like Something

50 Tips for men to Look Like Something

50. Keep your stubble


The effect of stubble, it talks. To clear a beard, the electric razor gives a net. For more beards available, it will bring a pair of scissors and a comb to keep thin a reasonable length. And you remember the rule concerning the delimitation of your beard: it has to stop at the Adam‘s apple. If the task is too difficult, do not hesitate to use the service of a barber. That trend.

49. Assume your baldness

Thorny issue: baldness. It happens. The trick is knowing how to manage the situation. It banishes the cut “come over” or style “floor to the monk.” A must? Take and all shaved to become sexy Vin Diesel. Yes, you can get there.

48. Keep your eyebrows

men eye

The harmony of the face depends on the eyebrows. This applies to women but also men. If your eyebrows look like a battlefield, you can say goodbye to the smoldering gaze. So without hesitation, you take the scissors and carefully sized to avoid breaches.

47. Take showers

men shower

Despite promises of 96h deodorant, you must go in the shower every day. The time indication is there only for you to impress.

46. Make your wrinkles sexy

Small crow’s feet, women find it sexy. We, a little less. The solution: Serum Clarins refreshes eyes. Reduced rings, pockets faded, your eyes will literally rejuvenated and your spirits too.

45. Banish the hair ungrateful

The hairs are allowed as of course you are a man. But this law pass is valid only on certain body parts. Nose, ears, toes, hands, backs are among the areas where the hair is persona non grata.

44. Get a beautiful mouth

men mouth

Always carry a lip balm with you, as Labello Classic Care. There is no question you Glosser lips, but just to moisturize to avoid tightness and especially cracking.

43. Death to the goat!

Help! He returns. No it is not likely, has never been despite what some may believe. The goat, the famous goat Arbora Roberto in the series A, dos, tres, we do not want.

42. Smile sports a “bright”

Smile, it’s back! Exit to the cigarette-stained teeth. A perfect smile, like Cyril Feraud, it does not price. For a white tooth more than white, we recommend the whitening of teeth, Rio, following cons.

41. Perfume you

men perfume

A man who smells good in the morning arriving at work is attracting the eye (and desire). The new Calvin Klein, Shock One gets all the votes and we promise you, they will turn all your way.

40. Keep your hair white

Yes, white hair, it makes you look sexy. If you fancy coloring to camouflage them, forget the idea. The effect will be worse! You look more like an old beau (f) who does not age. Do you accept that way.

39. Shine, but not on our nose

Do not see your nose, chin or forehead shine and bet everything on paper matting of Elf. A sliding door in your files or in your jacket pocket, these little pieces of paper will keep you clean all day. You just have to pass them on bright areas of your face to absorb excess oil.

38. Get active

men game

Take time to talk to you physically. Yes, you are overbooké, you have a thorny issue to go to your boss … The excuses are varied to avoid going to the gym. Do not worry, no need to go show off your belly rising, simply swap the remote against the weights and then follow up with a series of pumps and abs. Even watching TV, it works.

37. Reexamine the length of your legs

Dick Rivers, leave this body! Forget the long leg. Between pseudo-redneck rocker is complete. The golden rule: do not let the legs reach the bottom of your ears.

36. Zigouiller dandruff

Do not be overwhelmed by the complex and dandruff are often poorly managed. To avoid the effect of sugar on the shoulders, consider using human shampoo Bonacure Men Dandruff Schwarzkopf. After a few

English: Man with beard

applications, you will come quickly to the end.

35. Declare war on the rings

War is declared with halos! They can be “accepted” if you live in the Sahara desert in the month of August, but otherwise this is unforgivable faux pas. So to overcome the yellow halos, we use the Nivea spray invisible traces and anti-white and yellow. With it, no problem.

34. Maintain your pubic hair

Should we pluck? The razor is most often used, but know that the wax is the most durable. The board is the simplest regular pruning to maintain the area. Our advice: a little bit of lawn to manage the length of the hair and the case is folded.

33. Keep a beautiful butt

men butt

It sulks the escalator in the subway, we take the stairs and mounted on tiptoe, returning the stomach and tightening the buttocks. But no, you will not look ridiculous.

32. Treat your feet

After strolling in flip-flops in the port of Saint-Tropez, your feet are crying for help. The tightness and crevices are the two major problems of the return of holidays. The solution: use the solution filmogel Urgo against cracks and cracked heels. It is time to take care to start back on the right foot. (oh oh oh)

31. Make choices capillary

Long hair, the shoulders, say it’s tolerable if you have not yet old enough to go clubbing. When you reach a certain maturity, we must make choices. Or, you assume the next has-been rocker a little filthy, or you finally decide to cut everything and take the short cut to use. The choice is yours.

30. Play it like Ryan Gosling

men play

The five-day beard to Ryan Gosling, ok. The beard of fifty days to Sebastien Chabal, forget. The rule is simple, this kind of look is not going to Sebastien Chabal. Do not forget to prune regularly to not look like a Cro-Magnon.

29. Test the line on the side

-Just because it’s cool.

28. Let your life objectives

In perfect modern man you are, you have your little habits and hair every morning, you make it a point to properly apply your gel. This famous hair gel that you apply very sticky very thick layer over your head. It’s decided, take a good resolution, let it at the bottom of your closet and test the “no freeze”. It’s a little difficult at first, but the end result is still more enjoyable to watch and touch.

27. Moisturize your beard

Moisturize Men

The challenge is to shave often poor hydration because yes, the beard must be hydrated to a greater passage of razor over your cheeks. So we hesitate, morning and evening to brush with oil softening (there is a very well within the range Clarins Men).

26. Stop smoking

We can not say enough. But this time, do it for good.

25. Make you a look of winner

Actor men

Exit red eyes, it’s time to take care of your eyes, oh so important part of your face. To reduce the tingling, itching and burning, use the drops of blue INNOXA. After that, sure, you can say you have eyes revolver.

24. Fight against bad breath

Let us fight together against the foul smell in the morning. To do this, nothing better than pellets Alibi, Pierre Fabre with extracts of green tea and parsley. You will feel better and those around you as the same time.

23. Wear contacts

men contact eyes

And if you trade you wear these glasses for years against a pair of contact lenses? It is time to innovate. Do not you think? And if you can not stand the concept of lenses, you can always give your faithful companions on the nose.

22. Slow down the fall

Baldness, when it starts, must be slowed up. To do this, take supplements capillaries. Magnesium and cereal proteins present in these small capsules allow you to give pep to your hair and make them look original.

21. Use a dry shampoo

Let’s put us in context. You are returned in the evening at 7 o’clock in the morning ‘, completely dry, you have a meet in 25 minutes. So no time to take a shower (unfortunately for your colleagues) and therefore no time to wash their hair. No discomfort, Kisby saves your life with his dry shampoo powder extracts of rice, which will save your life time of a day and bring a semblance of cleanliness.

20. Try manicure

men manicure

Have pretty hands, this is not a luxury reserved for women. Without hesitation, draw in the vanity of your friend to a manicure session improvised in the bathroom. It removes bad skin, it pushes back the cuticle, the nail is cut and you end up moisturizing thoroughly.

19. Remove your hat and your helmet scooter

Let snobbery. Take the subway.

18. Make an appointment at the dentist

Notice to smokers and heavy coffee drinkers, it is time to take a little trip to the dentist for proper scaling. Fed to the teeth look yellow, it’s time to make way for the white bright smile.

17. Moisturize your skin

men skins

The daily shaving dries and damages your skin. To avoid looking like a snake would be too toasted in the sun, hydration is key. For this, the anti-fatigue moisturizer, L’Oreal Men Expert is the essence of male vanity, because yes, even the males can have a vanity or a kit.

16. Give yourself a break from an institute

Let’s be crazy! From time to time, we captured a relaxing break in a beauty salon. Program massage the face, scalp, skin cleansing in-depth facial. You will forget all the stress accumulated during the last weeks and you come away refreshed. Treat yourself.

15. You Epil-torso

men epil

If you like the effect of “open shirt” on Enrique Iglesias, it is essential to eradicate the carpet of hair sticking out.

14. Hydrate your body

Hydration on the face, it is but do not neglect the other parts of his body. Once every two days, if possible, after showering, apply milk cream Nivea for feeding a baby’s skin.

13. Treat your nails of hands

Besides if you have dug your garden all weekend to restore your geraniums or repainted the saddle of your apartment, dirty nails are unforgivable. So we forget to treat them by washing hands regularly and the moisturizer from time to time.

12. Hide your dark circles

It is true that these little bags under the eyes are really not esthetic, so feel free to use a concealer to even out skin tone and hide this flaw. In the evening, apply the roll-on bags and anti-human concealer brand Vichy to eradicate them completely.

11. Treat your toenails

Although hidden in shoes, we often tend to overlook this part of the body. Maintenance of the toenails is paramount. And for that, nothing very folichon: one cuts, one lime and of course, it ensures that the nails are impeccable. If this is not the case, use the solution filmogel Urgo damaged nails and put the package in order to overcome.

10. Do you require beauty rituals

Once a month, force yourself to follow the ritual GNH (exfoliation, cleansing, hydration) to the skin neat. Of course, it is certainly not neglecting those black spots and to get around, use the patches that will in a few hours to neutralize all the ugly blemishes.

09. Stay tan

After having enjoyed the sun for a few days and got the perfect tan, it is time to return to reality. As you know, your tan will last summer three weeks. To extend the healthy glow, use self-tanner Holiday Skin Roc Indeed Mencoder for a “return from vacation” all year round.

08. Put yourself in the diet

Dukan, Cohen … All these schemes, you hear about every day at the office by the whole swarm of women around you. Naturally, it starts to interest you a little. And if you also mettiez you? Take the latest chocolate bars that are in the drawer next to your computer and plan yourself good food protein-based. A few pounds lighter, it has never hurt anyone.

07. Protect your feet from blisters

Extra bulbs! Before putting your new shoes back, nothing like a good cream for preparing a fast-paced businessman. Nok Akileïne to be your best ally. Prevention is better than cure.

06. Take off your piercings

But also the earrings and other metal objects attached to your body. It’s ugly.

05. Remove rings skulls

This is the trend of last year. And it’s ugly too.

04. Cover up the traces of self-tanning with marcel

Unless you want a souvenir of your vacation.

03. Learn how to TRX

Invented by U.S. special forces to stay in shape, it is necessarily effective. So you do it without thinking.

02. Take a bath with essential oils

Once a week, for example, just to have fun. You can do together.

01. Increase the volume of your penis

If the 49 previous Councils have not worked, you only one thing left to do: increase the volume of your penis to hyaluronic acid. The injection costs between 200 and 400 euros depending on the desired volume.

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