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5 Tips On – To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

Get our 5 Tips On – to ask a girl to be your Girlfriend

Tip # 1 – Get Talking
If you really want to ask a girl to be your friend/girlfriend, you need to be behave general talking to girls on a regular with polite basis so you learn to feel comfortable communication and at ease when you’re talking to the girl. We descuss about this topic in our article about how to meet female.

This is common logic but you will be wonder at how many times I heared from guys they don’t having a girlfriend but, When asked how many girls they’ve spoken to in the last month, they say no one.

I just want suggest joining a social club, doing some volunteer work, taking a class, or any of the other ideas in our post about where to meet girl or female. Grow some balls and make a point of talking to the women in a purely friendly way.

Tip # 2 – Never Assume It is Exclusive
You’ve been dating a girl for a while. You talk every day, you see each other all the time, and you must to have a genuine connection with moral support for discussion. Even if you are acting like both part of roll boyfriend and girlfriend, NEVER assume it is exclusive its only for how you make your presence of your positive nature !

Chances are she might still be hooking up with her past relation on the side, or flirting with guys at pubs in hopes of finding someone better. You will just end up watching to her eyes with clear & holy intention (and feeling) like an ass when “girlfriend” slips out, and she responds by looking dumbstruck.

Tip # 3 – Give Her First
We are not in the Victorian era anymore where you’ve got to be practically engaged to a girl before you can visit with her. Even if you are fantasizing about a girl becoming your girl, do not come out and ask her to be your particular girlfriend until you have dated her a few weeks.

Once you are sure you two are compatible and she is sending you positive signals That She Wants something very particular with you, then you can pop the question. Remember, there are few step to dating and you’ve got to move through them carefully if you are going to build a close relationship.

Tip # 4 – Indication of Invitation
Okay, this one can be a bit tricky Because girls are notorious for sending out mixed signals. If you have not started dating yet, she might give the impression That She’s not looking for a relationship – but That does not mean she’s not open to the idea. Is that the case, more often she just has not found the perfect person yet to be in a relationship with.

If a girl gives the impression she does not want a boyfriend, it does not mean That there is no chance of dating her. Brush up on ways to approach female, work on your confidence and image, and come up with some fun dates Which ideas are so good she can not refuse.

After a few dates, look for signals That she is interested in being exclusive with you. Again, girls Often time send some really confusing mixed signals or indication, but here are some telltale signs she is into you or she is interest on you.

  • She says things like for example”I love to spending time with you”
  • She tells you details of where she’s been and with whom how she enjoy or other things happen
  • She has Introduced you to her friends or family and others
  • She holds your hand or shows affection in public for safety
  • She cancels plans and wants to be with you
  • She Assumes from you two have plans for the weekend

Remember, you’ve got to ease into it. Women get scared away by men who are clingy. I do not pop the question – or even mention you want her to be your girlfriend – until you’ve gotten some clear indication or signals.

Tip # 5 – Relax and Funny the Question
This is not a marriage proposal, so relax already!

First off, do not just stumble up to her and ask if she will be your girlfriend. You need to be relaxed first and in a private, and make for her comfortable situation.

Few guys are really good at coming right out and asking, “Its my pleasure if you will be receive my friendship with friendly invitation to be a girlfriend.” In most cases though, it comes as a DTR talk – defining the relationship.

When asking a girl to be your girlfriend, or even having the DTR When talk, you’ve got to remember That relationships today are not so straightforward. She might hear “girlfriend” and immediately start picking out the wedding colors and baby names. He might hear “girlfriend” and think “I wonder if she’s cool with me hooking up with chicks on the side …”

Since there are so many types of relationships out there, make sure you know exactly what you want before you ask her to be your girlfriend. If she springs the DTR talk on you before you are ready, then just be honest about how you feel.

The Art of Asking Her Out
The true art of asking a girl to be your girlfriend Involves a psychological technique called propinquity.

You will learn how to use related techniques such as this in our free manual. Be sure to check it out.