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Champion Germany FIFA world cup 2012 at brazil

The reign of Germany: 2014 FIFA world cup

Interesting Facts about the 2014 FIFA world cup at the Carnival City Brazil

With the World Cup approaching (missing only a week) and all the attention being directed to Brazil, fans start to get anxious about the performance of their teams. It is believed that this World Cup is the most expensive so far and the one that has generated controversy. Brazilians alternate feelings of indignation and hope that everything will go as best as possible. This mixture of expectations, we bring some interesting facts about the biggest event in world football.

Technology on the goal line


Apparently the time of controversies relating to goals ended with the advent of technology used on the goal line. This technology includes 14 high-speed cameras positioned strategically around the field and connected to a computer. The ball position is captured in 3D and within 1 second to confirm the goal is passed to the judge through a special clock.

Protection by robots

robot cameras

The technology brought Israel will be used to protect and monitor crowds twisted to ensure the safety of all. FIFA has always a great concern for safety and therefore recommended the use of this technology in Brazil. The robot will be used during the World Cup is called iRobot 150 Packbot and is even able to desamar evetuais pumps.

Reduced Speeches FIFA

It is no secret that the Brazilian people are outraged and disgusted with the cost of works dedicated to the World Cup against the lack of basic infrastructure in many areas of the country. FIFA, worried about their lack of popularity, will reduce the maximum speeches during ceremonies of the World Cup. Imagine the discomfort of the crowd booing the representatives of FIFA …

Spray marking


To prevent unauthorized movement of players during free kicks, FIFA instituted the use of a white spray, which lasts only 1 minute. The spray is used to mark the exact location of the players in defense and the ball’s location.

Breaks for hydration

Taking into account the extreme heat in some Brazilian cities, often unbearable even for those who lived all his life in Brazil, FIFA has authorized that judges make up to three breaks during each game so that players and teams arbitration can hydrate themselves.


The opening shot of the 2014 World Cup will not be given by any politician or celebrity, but rather by a paraplegic teenager. With the aid of a robotic device that responds to the command of the mind, the paraplegic teen aims to inspire people around the world. This revolutionary technology proves shortly wheelchairs are no longer as necessary.

Requirements of teams

Football players are true celebrities, even in time of the World Cup. Many teams are minimum requirements for the Curious his players during their participation in the World Cup, as you can see below:

Uruguay – Brazil’s neighbors demand quiet air conditioning

Portugal – a team led by Cristiano Ronaldo wants to have access to the rest of the world through the internet, requiring computers in all rooms

Algeria – African and predominantly Muslim country need to have a copy of the Koran in all rooms

Japan – Japanese gamers want a Jacuzzi in every room to help relax the muscles after games.

France – some say that the French do not like to shower, but the French soccer team looks not only like bar soap. They require liquid soap where they are.

Ecuador – Ecuador’s players have bananas available in all rooms. What’s wrong with Brazilian bananas?

The Simpsons 2014 World Cup

At the end of the month March, aired an episode of the Simpsons dedicated to the World Cup 2014. This episode Homer tries to be an impartial arbiter, as bandits try to influence the outcome of the tournament. Laugh or cry? Any similarity is purely concindência.

prize money

Profit of who wins

The team that wins the Cup will take home no less than 35 million dollars. Who place second can wipe away the tears and rejoice with 25 million prize. All teams get something to participate and players earn too much money sponsorships and advertisements. Unfortunately Cup just does not seem to be profitable for the host country, where the government unfolds to meet all FIFA requirements.


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