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Here's a short list with 11 tricks that will keep you well away from romantic dramas. And, by extension, will make your personal productivity grow much, since you will not need to spend your precious time in the bar, weeping cherries with the waiter.


Here’s a short list with 11 tricks that will keep you well away from romantic dramas.

Ray Palmer (back) with his girlfriend/wife Jea...

And, by extension, will make your personal productivity grow much, since you will not need to spend your precious time in the bar, weeping cherries with the waiter.

There’s nothing more pathetic than a man with emotional problems.

Rather, the way he reacts to your emotional problems.

Late for work, forgets to deliver reports on time and is important walking around with dead fish face, as if with constipation or renal colic. Becomes ridiculously unproductive.

Eventually the day ends in a bar, taking a double dose of whiskey cowboy because it’s like a “male” should handle the situation.

I write this column always here answering questions from readers about how to solve relationship problems. But today is different, but there are no questions tips to keep you send me so many questions.

Although we spend most of our time acting upon relationships past, present or future, do not think much about how to improve them. Most men get used to a certain modus operandi consists in its early dating and rarely changes after the first experiments.

This leads to a multitude of unions frustrating, filled with trauma, unresolved cases and infidelity.

An unhappy man in love does not work right, the body does not care and do not think clearly. Acts exactly like the example given earlier in this text.

So here are the tips:

1. Learn to choose
Do not let your lust or lack of better options to get from a relationship with a woman problem. And I say problematic too jealous, controlling, or one of those bastards, who gives up soft for your best friend.

Some say that only realize who the person is actually after months of dating. Bullshit. The first month, the other person has basically gives every indication of who he is and how it will behave with you. Ignoring these signs is asking small to be fucked suffer the consequences in the future.

2. Go out with your friends
Few things irritate me more than seeing my friends who simply decide to become Tibetan monks after start an relationship. When the girl is more attractive then those style “to marry,” there are guys who are even afraid of certain friends. Do not want to be taken back to the path of destruction …

A man can not have women as a priority of life and leave everything else aside. At first, she will find beautiful dedication. But over time will start to tighten the leash, because that is exactly what a woman does when she knows that the guy is eating her hand.

Never let your friends away. They will be smpre you and your wife will understand that you are a man who knows how to value things other than a night of sex.

3. The internet, phone and his girlfriend
Do not use msn and orkut for hours just talking with his girlfriend. A maximum send messages spicy or something of the sort. You can even use these resources during the conquest, but once this is done, make it clear that you are busy – I hope it is, to not have to pretend – and has more to do.

Msn conversations tend to have those moments of lack of subject matter or end up leading the discussions on the relationship online, which is like eating a acarajé spoiled. A shit. Quite unpleasant.

None of those emails with PowerPoint messages or random declarations of love. Talk to your girlfriend in person or by telephone. Objective and make connections. Be gentle, but nothing to be kneaded clay and doing that little voice and ridiculous baby eating “L” like the Onion.

4. Be prepared to end at any moment
This goes far to act distant and cold, as some might have thought. Quite the opposite.

Have the courage to jump when the time comes, it will not know where it landed

It means having enough strength to finish with his girlfriend, despite being completely in love. If she acted to disrespect him or humiliate you, not accepted.

The price for continuing a relationship with a person who has treated you poorly is very high. By giving up some of his own pride or dignity, a lion becomes lame.

It will never be respected in the same way in the eyes of his wife. And I assure you that the relationship will enter a downward spiral, with an outcome not pretty.

I do not need and do not specify what I mean disrespect. Each has its own scale. Do not run away from the streak when the time to ask this attitude.

5. Do not let the discussions lasted longer than 15 minutes
Again, this is not an inflexible rule. Exaggerate the number just to make sure that discussions with his wife should not be prolonged indefinitely. It is our task to maintain objectivity and set the time to end the strife.

The logic of women is completely different from ours, especially when it comes to the relationship.

As an extended discussion, the tendency is to pull female subjects unconnected or unrelated to the heart of the matter, quickly turning the conversation into a fight without any definite purpose than to set you as guilty of a series of crimes inafiançáveis.

Discussions are like swimming at sea. If you stay too long, sooner or later appears a tuarão and you probably will lead to leg.

6. The power of contrast-  Be unpredictable.

Calm and caring at a time. Rude and sexually uncontrolled another. Do not show this lack of control, just make it clear that you and a man of many layers and it should not expect a predictable behavior from you.

Act normally during the week and take it on Saturday for a trip without notice. Let her try to decipher it, you can never fully understand.

Whenever a woman says she can not understand a man, the translation would be “It makes me deeply excited, I think I’ll take you to bed and see if I can understand.”

7. The trademark
There are numerous ways to have a trademark. Basically it is a habit of his. But something cool. Farting stinking rotten egg beside it is a good example of a trademark, and know many guys who do just that.

I’m talking about a special affection, a kiss that only you give different, things like that.

I had a girlfriend during sex and always after orgasm, I took a bite it in the same place (the location is secret hehehe). Strong enough to leave a small mark, but nothing that would make her cry. Over time, she went to ask the bite. I’m sure she will remember it for a long time.

8. Learn to lead
Make plans, know where to go and how to get. I am speaking not only of restaurants and outputs of the weekend, but life as a whole. Women crave men confident.

Few things are more broxantes the guys who always ask …

“So, well, what movie you want to see today? Wherever eat after? Want to visit his mother again ?…”

9. Do not take too seriously his wife
Remember the council number 5? Then, when it appears the harbinger of the next storm, cut the drama bitch giving a kiss on her, mending some hot caresses, while he says is filled with lust with her frown, and end up in bed.

If not paste, say remembered a pressing engagement and you can continue the conversation later. Then you left home, call a friend and sits on the bar for a beer, laughing and eating steak and chips.

In the back, grab a pint of ice cream either. When his wife is to resume the discussion, take it, ice cream and will continue to talk in bed … It may sound sexist, but well-made sex solves 90% of the problems of a relationship.

10. Be true to yourself
Follow your values ​​and principles from beginning to end the relationship.

Thus, no matter how will end, if she was unfaithful, if any crisis or any other thing. Their internal structure and self-respect were maintained. The order will be tough, but will soon be ready for another.

That leaves most people disoriented after the end of a relationship is just that. They cease to be true to themselves and make other concessions, they forget who they really are. At the end of the relationship, when there are more on the partnership, they completely lose out for home.

11. Keep secrets
In closing, remember that conversation of women that men need to open up more and be 100% honest. They are the queens of omission. Whenever a woman says she is being totally honest with a man, the real meaning is:

“I told you everything you need to know and consider all that relevant at this time. Please do not ask more questions.”

This is not necessarily bad, it’s just something to be understood.

So, keep your own secrets. This is part of the charm, the game of seduction. For the day that a couple of parts of the stops to seduce, is the harbinger of the end.

The seduction never ends. Therefore, always have tricks up its sleeve, the world takes many turns and nothing better than having an asset at the right time.

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