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10 worst enemies of female beauty

Women’s beauty – the original object of male fascination. However, it is very delicate and fragile, and therefore, it must be handled very delicately and carefully. But some women believe that beauty – the notion of an eternal, that it is given by God and no one ever will not spoil it, do not take, do not steal. She’s always with a woman. But it is deeply misleading. Female beauty, at every step of our present life, and in danger of the worst enemies.
What are these enemies?

Constant stress. As you know, not long-term stress is not harmful to female beauty, but the incessant and continuous able to turn a beautiful woman in the ugly lady, because long-term stress causes spasms of blood vessels of the brain, heart and face, with its attendant grave consequences for the once attractive looks.

Part of the depression. This condition leads to a loss of interest in life and work. The woman lowered psychological and brain no longer sends pulses of female attractiveness. If you are plunged into a depression, the 12 ways to help you cope with it.

LIFEpessimism. People can often hear well-known saying that optimism opens the door

Sleeping (Photo credit: soylentgreen23)

to success and happiness, and the pessimism it closes. A poor man can never be beautiful.

LONG personal offense. A sense of bitterness, anger, negative effect on the activity of the cardiovascular and nervous system, which eventually lead to a change in a person’s appearance.

WOMEN’S ENVY. Anger and desire failures successful and happy people eating inside envious, making his face sullen, moody and angry. What kind of beauty can talk!

Chronic fatigue. As in the male and the female body fatigue there is a threshold beyond which fatigue occurs. If it is followed by complete rest, no threat of female attractiveness that does not work. But when fatigue becomes a chronic, then you can say goodbye to the beauty. A person is not relaxed woman can not hide any makeup. Fatigue will give your eyes, tense smile, etc. But the reward for the fatigue, stress, sedentary work, and so on may be the symptoms of cystitis, and nothing good in it just does not.

PERMANENT lack of sleep. Sleep is extremely important to maintain the beauty of women. Indeed, during sleep restores nerve cells, reduces fatigue. If a person is not getting enough sleep, it affects its appearance. No, the most fashionable clothes are not able to make a beautiful woman who suffers from chronic lack of sleep. A few days ago on medicsovet.ru written about how to sleep less and get enough sleep, you can use some advice.

MISUSE OF POWER. To preserve the natural beauty is important, what and how much we eat, that is balanced and good nutrition. If it does not stick to our figure of gain is not attractive, and the person will have two chins.

ALCOHOL. Alcohol affects the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive system (especially liver), which ultimately turns on the external form. Also, the frequent use of alcohol on your face show through small vessels.

SMOKING. Nicotine that enters the body by smoking, makes hemoglobin to methemoglobin, which can not deliver oxygen to tissues, resulting in oxygen starvation of the person acquires a pale earthy colors. About harm of smoking for women is not written enough, so we will not be repeated.

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