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10 ways to prevent and control high blood pressure

Hypertension, or simply high blood pressure is sure to trigger a series of ailments – and not just those involving the circulatory system. “Usually a patient with a pressure less than 140/90 mmHg is diagnosed as hypertensive. They are more likely to suffer from heart failure, kidney and even brain,” explains cardiologistAeneas Rocco.

English: Blood pressure measurement.

The disease is chronic (no cure, but can be controlled), and so it is important to make regular checkups to detect your heart rate as they walk.But beware: high blood pressure is not synonymous with being hypertensive.

To be considered hypertensive, the patient must remain with the higher pressure than normal,” says the doctor. This is because, momentarily, any person is subject to a variation in heart rate. A more intense physical exertion or times of stress, for example, change these numbers.

Some attitudes, however, not only help to prevent and control the problem already high levels of pressure. See below a list of them and print one healthy brand to your daily life.

1. Maintaining the ideal weight, overweight increases makes it harder to get the heart pumping blood. In practice, the muscle is overtaxed. “As the biceps who raises weight, the heart of an obese person just bloated,” says cardiologist. With a risk: the injuries caused by overexertion may become unrecoverable.

2. Physical activity Regular physical activity, especially aerobic, contribute to the improvement of the entire circulatory system and lungs. Just be careful with the hype: Before you start any training, consult a specialist and make an overall assessment.

3. Reduction of salt – excess dietary salt leads to fluid retention, leading to hypertension. Therefore, the way in time to spice food and decrease the consumption of canned and preserved food.

4. Avoid alcohol: Alcohol in large quantities is fierce enemy pressure under control. Cut drinks from your diet or consume very sparingly.

5. Healthy diet, healthy fats and a little salt in the diet are vital for those who want to keep your heart healthy. Yet include many fruits and vegetables.Cut the meat is not necessary, but give preference to lean cuts such as filet mignon and muscle.

6. Medicines: If your doctor recommended, be sure to take. But no go around imitating the revenue of others. Remember that some medications can raise blood pressure, as antiiflamatórios and contraception, says the cardiologist.

7. Cigarette, tobacco, together with other toxic substances in cigarettes, immediately raises the pressure and compromise your overall health. Stop smoking immediately is essential, warns professor of cardiology at the Santa Casa de São Paulo, Ronaldo Rosa.

8. Stress: it appears as the body’s response to physical and emotional overload, leading to hypertension and heart disease. Control your emotions and try to include relaxing activities into your routine.

9. Medical examinations: regular assessments not only help identify the problem early, facilitating the treatment, as used to tailor the use of drugs more effectively.

10. Measure the pressure: at least once a year, everyone should do it. The recommendation is the Brazilian Society of Hypertension, which highlights this simple test as a way to prevent more serious problems.

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