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10 Tips for a perfect Valentine’s Day

Nothing makes a woman happier than to be surprised. She wants to get or do something not expected, at a time that does not expect, in a way that it does not hold. What matters is not the value of the gift or dinner at a fancy restaurant, but the surprise. Especially since, most restaurants will be crowded, the wait will last a long time and dinner can be time consuming, causing more discomfort than pleasure.

The wife wants more romance than sex. The man always knows what he wants. Do not be afraid to look sloppy or be criticized by friends. So why not do something different and unusual? Below are ten tips from renowned psychologist and relationship expert, Dr No Silmar Coelho, for men and women to plan a very special day for your love. Check out:

To his beloved:

  1. Take a short trip to a country town, walk hand in hand through the narrow streets and give her a flower to find the way. As you walk tell you that the best thing in the world is to have it on your side, your arms are the gate of heaven and that his life was a movie, for sure, it would be the special effect.
  2. Dine in a hostel away, hire a few guitar players to sing in the window while you tell him: “In the world there are 6 billion people, among th
    Valentine postcard, circa 1900–1910
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    ese 6 billion people, 3 million and 600 million are women, and those 3 million and 600 million women, I just chose you to be my beloved. “

  3. Go to a lake and go boating. Take an apparatus for playing a love song, while you, dressed in a costume of the time, tells him she is his princess and that no witch ever going to steal it from you.
  4. Take her somewhere she always wanted to go but you always delayed and did not take her.
  5. Take all day to keep it. Shave, shower, put a delicious perfume, wear your best party clothes, rent a car (in Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, you pay only 50 dollars), and parade through the streets of the neighborhood she lives. She’ll be proud to show off the neighborhood and will reward you handsomely.

For your loved one:

  1.  Hire a waiter and a cook to make and serve a candlelit dinner just for you. (I know a couple who will do the shopping, cook, serve and clean all for just 250 dollars). Surely you will find someone
  2. View a stunning gown, put a background music, turn off the lights and light colored and scented candles throughout the house. Make a path of petals from the door to the table and the table to the bedroom. And wait sleek and provocative with a smirk on his lips.
  3. Call him at his office and tell him how much he loves and waits anxiously for its arrival late in the day. Place a love note in your wallet to find it during the day. Do not tell him no problem. Do not complain of children. Do absolutely nothing that will bore you or take away your peace. Spend the whole day just being kind and loving and confess him as hardworking, responsible and good man he is and how she makes her happy and perform
  4. Ask a friend or relative to stay with the kids, hang up the phone and ask his mother not to call at all. Take the children and concerns of her head, and spend the evening only to him without interruption or ill will.
  5. How is it that always leads to a hotel, make it a surprise. Ask a friend to give her husband a ride or hire a taxi to pick you up at work and take you straight to a hotel where you will be waiting on a new suite for a honeymoon.

Dr. Coelho Silmar doctorate in Psychology and Leadership from Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, United States. Renowned international speaker and lecturer, Dr. Coelho is a Silmar winning writer, has written several best-sellers in the areas of family counseling, leadership and motivation.

Silmar Dr. Coelho has an office in Rio de Janeiro, but travels the world to speak at workshops and companies. Moreover, it is also much in demand to participate in television programs, radio and magazines to give interviews to various segments segments.

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